Dernièrement l’association Sist’Art accueillait le peintre Jean-Pierre Marimot, un artiste des plus intéressants et qu’il convient de croiser sur son chemin. Peintre, comédien et amoureux des chiffres, trois axes qui le caractérisent. Né en banlieue Nord de Paris, il tombe dans l’art par hasard, initié à l’âge de 20 ans par son beau frère lui-même peintre.

Portrait de l’artiste dans le Sisteron Journal du vendredi 22 avril 2016


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  5. Britnee and Pate…what a beautiful wedding! You both look so happy and joyful. We were so proud and pleased to have a part in it. Thank you so much for that. Aaron did a fabulous job on the photos and we can’t wait to see the rest of them. We are looking forward to seeing the both of you soon! We love you both, Dawn and Russ

  6. Oh man, what a place to leave this book for a WEEK. Can we please just discuss how entirely fucked up it is to have a PIECE OF YOURSELF cut off? Because that's basically what daemons seem to be. It's not like this is intentional like the Horcruxes. Like, this is truly messed up shit right here. I have this terrifying image in my head of a ragged waif just curled up holding onto a rotten fish. I love you Phillip Pullman.

  7. I loved. This. Movie.I felt just like you at first — awkward about the supernatural bits, hoping they would explain it all, wondering what direction they were taking it — and then we had the ending and Holmes’ epic monologue, and I was completely sold. I was going to give it extra points anyway just because RDJ was in it and I love him, but honestly, it is a very good movie, the dialogue and acting are great, the music is fun, and I loved that they did some new things with the directing and relationships. So, yay!

  8. woohhh…. I hope her love story will end up a happy ending. 🙂 I cannot just imagine at her age she has a boyfriend and 3 sex partners!!! My own point of view, it is not an unwanted pregnancy. She’s of age, she knows what she’s doing or an expert (for having four partners) and very much aware of the consequence. Lucky for her, internal organs were pretty much in good condition. Albeit I have no right to judge her, I just cannot find any reasons of her unwanted pregnancy.

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  10. Hi Bryan. This is fascinating.I don’t think there is anything like this in the Western Sahara, though. According to the research I’ve done, and the parts of the Sahara ‘berm’ that I have seen myself, that wall is actually made out of sand.

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  12. Jag kommer att följa dej pÃ¥ bloggen var du än hÃ¥ller till, i hus eller lägenhet spelar ingen roll… Bloggen är som du säger du och inte huset… Skickar en styrkekram och önskar dej lycka till med ditt nya liv!!Kram*

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  15. Such a beautiful picture of the intimacy we can dwell in during our regular quiet times with God.  I too have a long way to go but pray that I would know more and more of God's character day by day, month by month and year by year.

  16. FAIL. I didn’t get any of these. So I’m gonna take a stab at number one, even though I didn’t see it: Zack and Miri Make a Porno?Either it’s too early for me — that’s what I get for going to a concert on a work night — or I am just movie quote challenged. Which can’t be, so I’m going to blame the concert.

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  18. Je trouve l'idée vraiment très originale, j'adore ! moi aussi j'aimerai bien ne serait-ce qu'une cuillère pour retrouver le mélange coca-citron avec une autre texture.Et vraiment, les photos sont sublimes, comme toutes celles de ton blog. Je suis une grande fan.

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  21. Here is something else that is interesting Troy…those "congregations" that condemn actually know nothing, if not very little of Paul's gospel, the gospel of grace…Paul wrote 75% of the NT…i think the Holy Spirit is trying to tell us something…if we miss what Paul was saying…we miss what God is saying…and that is tragic. Thing is, i did it for years as an Elder…when we came into this revelation, all of hell broke loose on us to try and shut us up…well, as they say, the rest is history…

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  33. You are a good wife!!! I LOVE the elements cookies. Can’t wait to see/read more about it. Warren has tried to call y’all a couple times over the weekend to wish him a happy birthday, but I guess the party lasted all weekend! Anyway, Happy Birthday!

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  41. John, I would just like to say thank you so much for the laughter you brought to me and many millions in this country. Many a time when I was feeling low I would just put on a only fools DVD and would be instantly cheered up(even though I had watched a million times before). There will never be another like you. Say hello to uncle Albert, grandad and mike for us! Cheers John! r.I.p

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  43. Tim,Let’s make sure we aren’t confusing categories. I’m not denouncing the “practice” of tongues. I’m denouncing the Pentecostal theological interpretation of this practice, which results, I believe, in a church environment of “haves” and “have nots” and a horrible understanding of the Holy Spirit.AGain, it is possible to be Baptist, denounce this interpretation, yet still speak in tounges. This is where I believe McKissic and most other Baptists are.

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