Nous l’avions largement évoqué en début de saison estivale, le marché hebdomadaire de producteurs locaux, qui s’organise tous les jeudis après-midi jusqu’en soirée à la place de l’Horloge de Sisteron tient toutes ses promesses.



  1. Vaughn would be an excellent choice. Star Wars needs someone who can juggle story, action and effects in a competent and exciting manner, and I think Vaughn’s track record proves those skills out very well.A movie like this doesn’t need an auteur in their prime (Nolan, Fincher) or one of the old masters now in their twilight years (Spielberg, Scott.) It’s just needs a director who knows how to block action and keep a story moving – Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Joe Johnston, Brad Bird… all good choices.

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  4. Hey Bob,good on you mate! you and your teams and the people you meet are constant sources of inspiration. I love checking in here to read some hopeful stories.I particularly like the story of Ben and his pond. Heres hoping thats its a grass roots practical solution that will speed the ecological recovery of some of those wasted coastal regions, theres sure plenty of them that need it.take careJamie

  5. Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

  6. Rodger,If you do not immediately impose a dunce cap tax you will cause rapid dunce cap inflation, and consequently their value. Ergo, any prior recipients of two or less dunce caps will render them…, um, intelligent?

  7. Oh my…so happy to see this recipe here. Now I don’t have hunt for the recipe. If I was smart, I’d write it in “MY Recipe Book”, which is where I write all recipe’s that PawPaw and I love and I make over and over again. Think I’ll do that right now. MawMaw

  8. Really nice shoots, sharing drinks and shooting is always fun and it doesn’t hurt to be half naked. That last shot on the table? did you work her to hard? These peeks at sessions are always fun.

  9. Jb Doucet dette :En liten kommentar til dere om den nye iPhone som erstattet min 1 en uke siden. Francis ‘innlegg er ganske nær virkeligheten. Skjermen er Certe beste, men det er ikke sÃ¥ opplagt at det. Batteriet ser ut til Ã¥ lade raskere nettopp, ladetiden er faktisk lengre, og jeg føler at lasten ikke balansere intensiv bruk av GPS ….Mot ved Ã¥ øke RAM vil virkelig føle bruk av kartlegging, det er helt glatt og umiddelbar.Hvis du har spørsmÃ¥l ….For mer,JB

  10. Protestante, protestante…pravovÄ›rní katolíci, pokud vás přímo nepomlouvají tak vás minimálnÄ› jako církev neberou vážnÄ›. V čem je protestantský Bůh lepší než katolický? Dokážu jeÅ¡tÄ› porozumÄ›t kontextu ve kterém Luther kritizoval církev, ale dneska? Proč jste protestantem, když protestantismus samotnou tradici nereflektuje?

  11. Läste att Nygårds tar klivet ned i båset och Larsson får sitta på läktaren. Då känns det som en rejäl kris och säg mig hur många gånger det har lyckats när sportchefen går ned i båset? Jag har aldrig förstått vad de hoppas uppnå med det, tror dem att det tar bättre om sportchefen skriker på spelarna än att någon annan gör det??? Vad har Nygårds för tränarrutin förresten?

  12. Andy me fallaste! .soy fana de Sergio (lo sigo a todos los recitales), y el jueves mande mail, deje msj en el contestador y llame para salir al aire y hablar con el (que ya me conoce) Y NO ME DISTE BOLA

  13. Hallo Acky, danke für die tolle Anleitung. Ich möchte gerne das generische Ordnersymbol (in grau), das in der Sidebar für eigene Ordner angezeigt wird wenn man sie hineinzieht, gegen ein selbst erstelltes austauschen. Wie geht das? Bisher habe ich mit .bundles noch nicht gearbeitet. Danke! VG, Thomas

  14. Hi Bev, awww how cute and adorable are they. So glad everything went well for mum. Been having a catch up with your blog and you have made some truely stunning creations since I last popped by. Dont know what your worrying about with your copies the images look fine to me. So glad I finally managed to have a bit of a blog hop.Lyndsey xx

  15. It would also be nice if Facebook could implement something that automatically adds information from the image file to the description field, that way if people download and upload images to their own page, it automatically adds that information to every version of that image. I don’t think most people worry or have the capabilities to delete image data.

  16. Obamass? Is that some kind of a new holiday? I'm not sure I understood your humor there, but it did make me think of a song:On the 3rd day of Obamass my true love(s) gave to me:Am I stretching this a little too far? Sorry :)Debra

  17. ¡Hey! Solo dije “terco” e “ignorante”, el “bardus” lo dijiste tú “Y si le buscas la promulgación te darás cuenta que fueron creadas precisamente para evitar mas derramamiento de sangre con cuestiones religiosas[…]“. Nope, fueron creadas para limitar las atribuciones del estado (la separación de poderes, como dices) y para asegurar las libertades de los individuos (incluida, la libertad de creencias y prácticas religiosas). ¿Donde está la “lo teológico”?“… y por la separación del poder, mas no porque no existo o si exista Dios.”En esto estoy totalmente de acuerdo. De nuevo, ¿donde está la “lo teológico”?

  18. I'm running Hood to Coast this year and am super excited. I managed to work my way onto a team that had automatically qualified from their division place last year. I think it will be a blast!

  19. Jag tyckte länge illa om varmt vin, jag också. Men sedan spenderade jag en kylig decemberkväll på ett torg i en medelstor tysk stad, där den som köpte tio muggar Glühwein fick den elfte gratis. Det var en fin upplevelse och sedan dess dricker jag med glädje varmt vin i alla dess former.

  20. So because one of the largest carriers is starting to carry more Android devices so everyone on any carrier will have a variety of Android powered handsets and that’s a bad thing how? I guess Verizon shouldn’t show interest in the iPhone based on your logic and stay with Android regardless of what a substantial amount of their customers would buy an iPhone the day it gets released on Verizon’s network…. Grow up!

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  23. [..YouTube..] Cara, eu tenho um problema que eu nãoo gosto de carro antigo (salvo excessões) e nem muitos desses modernos atuais. Não gosto do fiat 147, apesar de ter feito curso de pilotagem num há uns 10 anos atrás, fechava os 170 (+) em tarumã. Mas esse fiat ficou impecável, bonito demais, essas rodas, os detalhes, a pintura, tudo muito lindo.

  24. Posted on December 18, 2012 at 11:19 pmZune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

  25. Sonia Sui looks absolutely breathtaking in this two-toned ruffled Lanvin gown!! Though we have second thoughts of her fussy ruffled detail, we definitely adore how the Fierce Wife actress style her dress with side swept tresses, smokey eye and a pair of lustworthy sandals which adds enough glamour to her outfit!! Sonia Sui rocks the hell out!! Long Live the Queen!! We salute Sonia so much!!

  26. I think either term is fine. It's interesting, though, that some of us feel the term "women" is not respectful enough, yet we would never say the same about the term "men", or demand that we always say "gentlemen". I prefer "women", but I try not to get too bent out of shape about this. Just like I prefer to open my own doors, but don't get offended if a man opens one for me. I try to consider the intent of the person, and if the intent is to be polite and kind, then I take the gesture in the spirit it was intended.

  27. Oczywiscie, że w sprawie Pakistanu nikt nie chce wypowiadac siÄ™ bardziej zdecydowanie i w praktyce czeka na rozwój wydarzeÅ„. Pakistan gdyby wszedÅ‚ w krÄ…g oddziaÅ‚ywania islamistów to wówczas USA oprócz Iranu miaÅ‚yby drugi nieprzyjazny kraj posiadajÄ…cy rzeczywiÅ›cie broÅ„ atomowÄ… i realne Å›rodki jej przenoszenia. Wtedy wszystkie dotychczasowe scenariusze wydarzeÅ„ „wzięłyby w Å‚eb” i nie wiadomo co dalej.

  28. Me comenta un mecánico Argentino es .. “la teoría de la cebolla” .. jajajajaConsiste en esto (cita literal)“Yo le sacaba el filtro de aire y le ponia una cebolla, parece una tonteria pero me dió resultado porque favorece el oxigeno.”Una cebolla? de las de comer? .. pues si .. joder .. alucino con la gente.. jajajaja. Por si acaso yo me llevaría una cebolla encima .. jejejeDigo yo que habrá que pelar la cebolla. Saludos,Pablo – CoruñaTu voto: 0  0

  29. Sorry, I scrolled past all the comments, but is it just me, or did the main event have an indie feel to it? That ain’t a negative criticism; I liked it, and everyone involved. They can easily have 3 feuds develop with any of the participants.Also, Daniel Bryan as World Heavyweight Champion for as long as possible, please, Mr. McMahon? You have my permission.

  30. Iti multumesc pentru aceasta tehnica si ca ai ales sa o ne arati si noua beneficiile ei…stiam deja de o tehnica foarte buna de relaxare ( shultz) dar asta merge si mai bine ca e audio si avantaj noi ca daca chiar avem vointa, putem sa ne rupem din timp intr.o zi insorita si sa tragem o fuga pana in mijlocu naturii cu castile pe urechi:D .La mai multe articole de calitate si…Sanatate ca.i mai buna decat toate…!!!!

  31. Kristi,Extremely helpful post, thank you for writing the article. I do have a question: since the new format came out, I can’t seem to “like” other pages/people while using my FB page admin account. Why is that? Can I change a setting to allow it? Thank you!

  32. Miriam;Thanks my dear Divya;ya plain version was also better,no honey,its not that sheet,it was a bit thick..well its nice idea about colored tape,thnxxxx girlD+B;So sweeeet of you my dear,its lovely to read your love!!thanks a bunch,i like to follow back sweet friends.Thanks

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  34. Ginger – Love the mafioso shot! The gorilla was a unique touch – I must say, I have never experienced a gorilla at a wedding. The red dress was outstanding and the cake was pretty cool too… Nice work!

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