Samedi dernier, une grande réception en l’honneur de plusieurs pompiers plus que méritants était organisée en Mairie de Sisteron, sous la conduite du Maire Daniel Spagnou, et en présence du Colonel Emmanuel Clavaud, de Claude Fiaert, Président du Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours des Alpes de Haute Provence (SDIS 04), du Capitaine Arnaud Vallois, Président Départemental de l’Union des sapeurs-pompiers, le Capitaine Yannick Letzellemans, Responsable du Centre de Secours de Sisteron et Commandant du Groupement Nord, mais aussi Robert Gay, Conseiller Départemental, Maire de Mison et Isabelle Morineaud, Conseillère Départementale de Sisteron.

Article complet dans le Sisteron Journal du vendredi 15 avril


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  2. I agree with your point about Katherine Reimer. She made no sense to me toward the end. I got that she was supposed to have a thing for Jackman, and that she basically was supposed to be the woman for Jekyll whereas Claire brought out his Hyde (and also loved his Jekyll, but she always seemed more free-spirited, etc). But she came across as useless as the show went on. We had little to no characterization. One of the great weaknesses of the series, I think.

  3. trovo i tuoi post molti utili e interessanti, vorrei farti qualche domanda, anche se penso che sarà difficile sapere gli avvenimenti futuri più di me che sai sicuramente:si puo prevedere quando « salterà » questo sistema malato? e cosa accadrà?non so, tipo aumenti esponenziali dei prezzi dei beni primari,e come possiamo tutelarci?sarebbe meglio togliere i soldi dai c/c?Saluti,Arzo

  4. > soledad quand on tape dans ses mains la palmas pour scander le compas (on prononce compasse) au flamenco il y a deux manières de frapper sourde ou sonore / sourde le son est puissant mais rentré les mains sont fermées et creuses, sonores le son claque et est plus aigu les mains sont ouvertes et plates. Si cela vous fait un lien avec les consonnes sourdes et sonores…

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  9. I’m a conservative. I want a government that works like Southwest Airlines. Southwest does a few essential things well. It keeps its commitments, to passengers, employees and shareholders. It’s cheap. It flies you where you want to go, instead of telling you where to fly. How about Herb Kelleher for president? He’s almost old enough. And he hates lawyers.

  10. Ooh, I've had this pattern for a while, but have put off making it, mostly because sewing with slippery, stretchy fabric has rather scared me. I think a muslin will definitely be needed for me! Most of it should be fine, but I haven't done sleeves before, so hopefully will pick up some hints 🙂

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  12. love that you are bringing awareness to the world about what breaks God’s heart. My computer and my computer skills have kept me from really getting to see it all but I have no doubt God will use it for others.Sharon

  13. Muslimer: Sluta upp med att koppla ihop våld, terror, mord, våldtänkt, upplopp, bilbränning, halshuggning, förtryck, ljugande, ambassadbränning, terrorattentak, självmordsbombare, kvinnoförakt mm med er religion.Det är BARA muslimerna som kan ta bort denna koppling. Till skillnad från er Muslimer kan vi faktiskt läsa och vi kan dra slutsatser utan att blint tro på gamla sagor och övernaturliga förklaringar på allting.Ha en God Jul med massor av skinka, hundar som skäller och rena snygga skosulor inomhus.

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  15. Several good friends of mine, were CD pros and got me hooked! Now that my son is older I like that he can pull them off as easily as disposable! LOL! He likes to go streaking through the house whenever he can!

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  17. Hi Brat …Was just wondering who my NZ visitor was (saw my stats) … Thanks for reading. I’ve just installed mIRC again. Hopefully I remember to visit old haunts tomorrow!Take care

  18. Mais quelle crédulité? Personne n’a pensé deux secondes qu’en dehors de cette fameuse quête spirituelle (qui doit pas mal servir à alimenter la légende), cet homme a surtout expérimenté les plus grosses modifications bodmod jamais faites.?! Et que cela se fait en toute conscience? Plutôt que de s’apitoyer, on devrait plutôt saluer sa recherche et le travail du body artist qui l’a modifié!

  19. This is a technique that I have not tried as yet, except for adding some sage to a green mix for faux jade, BUT THANKS TO YOU BOTH, it will be on my “todo” list this weekend, as I have flowers saved from both my son’s weddings and their anniversaries coming up. Once again, you have saved the day!!!

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  21. This was my first Atwood novel although I had read some of her poetry. Even though I read it over 25 years ago, it still haunts me and I find myself thinking about it. I have toyed with rereading it but it was such a visceral experience the first time, I am unsure. It is one of my favorite of her books.

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  24. Oh…love, love, love this! This dancer's heart just jumped. I, too enjoy the show "So you think you can Dance". I sometimes giggle because my mind still tricks me into thinking I dance like I use to…no way!I will be checking this out…now I will have to do it while my teenage son is gone or I will never live down the harassment. :)Enjoyed,Janette

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  26. Learning about hunger is essential for every  citizen including school age children.  They should know it’s not just across the world but in our own communities.  Please provide breakdowns by town,city and county and what small thing each citizen can do to help.

  27. Maybe the problem with regard to later born children having fewer children of their own is due in part to birth order? I know some studies have found that the more older brothers a man has the more likely he is to be homosexual regardless of the mother's age at childbirth. If this holds true in a more general sense, i.e. If men with more older brothers are progressively less masculine, that might have an effect.

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  34. Aww Laurie, I praise our God for His encouragement to your heart! And thank you for your love toward me Laurie! I love and appreciate you!! I pray a year of God's abundance of love and peace for you and your hubby! Good health and peace of mind and loads of laughter!!Much love sister!

  35. “it takes a lot of effort to look apathetic.”so true. love it.OH SHIT. this did not end how i thought it would. i thought mr. lewis was gonna have some afterschool special teachable moment, but then he turned into a total jackass. why the f would he say some shit like that to you?MESSAGE RECEIVED INDEED.

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  38. I’m no “Twilight” fan, but anyone would have to be a fool to think this movie is not going to have a huge opening weekend. Normally i would say this film does’nt have a chance of reaching “TDKR” opening weekend, but being it’s the finale’ in the series it’s a possibilty. I’ll still say it comes up short of that number though, i’ll say it hits 140-150 million this weekend.

  39. I love your writing and will check back to see how you are getting on, it doesn’t sound to me like you need much encouragement as you seem to naturally look at the brightside which is my way of coping with things hehe… all the very best honey, hope life takes you down healthy and happy paths and you enjoy the scenery along the way xxx

  40. , thank you for bringing the link here. I haven’t read this one, and could have missed it out. It takes a while for more considered criticism of Mo Yan like this piece to emerge, but it is emerging. If you ask me, I think this one really hits the target.

  41. hahaha Barbara PLEASE!I love how you two were both kind of nervous before meeting each other – and then within an hour all hell had broken loose between the two of you in that restaurant. “BARBARA PLEASE!” hahahaha

  42. De facto, uma boa notícia, Professor. Sobretudo porque se confirma a possibilidade de reprodução da espécie em cativeiro, já que as dúvidas eram muitas e pertinentes até há uns anos atrás. Vamos é ver se, entre nós, ainda existem habitats naturais em condições de garantir a sobrevivência dos bichos.

  43. a lot about you, that you have to make the ‘Citeh’ comparison time and time again. I think perhaps you spend too much time looking at other results and too little time focusing on the job at hand. Lets hope we can damage you title ambitions even more when we travel north with lots of your London-based fans.

  44. you look so glamourous in the first photo Karen, I love it! Lucky looks lovely on the lips and Black Tie seems really interesting, judging from it in the tube i thought it was going to be like clinique’s black honey, but I was really surprised to see it’s actually more of a vampy dark red on the lips

  45. Se imaginan una iglesia asi de critica y valiente en costa rica? que no este aliada a los intereses económicos y políticos en el poder? que se atreva a decir cosas como esas en apoyo al pueblo? (no juzgo si tienen o no razón)lla verdad aplaudo la actuación de la iglesia en honduras, ahbalndo, oponiendose valientemente en pro de la feligresia y no solo salvaguardando intereses propios de ambiciones de poder y dinero.

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